Chicken Cordon Bleu

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(12) 7oz. Cordon Bleu @ $9.92 ea.
  • (12) 7oz. Cordon Bleu @ $9.92 ea.
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Boneless, skinless breast meat stuffed with country ham and Swiss cheese, rolled, breaded, and sautéed until juicy-crisp and savory. Perfectly seasoned, they are ready to pop into the oven whenever the urge hits for something delicious! Special enough for a candlelight dinner, or slice up on a platter for a fabulous crowd-pleaser.

Cooking directions

(This RAW PRODUCT must be thoroughly cooked).

CONVENTIONAL OVENS (Recommended for best result) COOK FROM FROZEN: Bake 1-2 unwrapped portions in a shallow pan for 35-40 minutes in a PREHEATED oven at 400 degrees F. May need to increase cook time for extra portions.

MICROWAVE OVENS COOK FROM FROZEN (based on 1000 watts of power): Cook on a microwave-safe plate with microwave-safe covering. Cook 1 unwrapped portion flat-side up for 2 minutes. Turn flat-side down and cook for 2 minutes more. For 2 pieces, increase each step by 1½ minutes with spacing between pieces. Do not microwave cook more than 2 pieces at once. SEE COOKING SAFETY BELOW.

Cooking Safety: Cook to at least 165 degrees F to prevent food borne illness caused by consuming RAW poultry. Use a food thermometer, checking each portion's final temperature in several places. Many conventional ovens vary from temperature settings, and microwave oven cooking-power varies WIDELY by model; therefore, cook accordingly. Let the final cooked product stand outside the oven for 2 minutes before serving. Filling will be hot after cooking and may splatter.

Nutritional information

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