Black Brand Steaks Premium Bone-In Ribeye Steaks

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(6) 16oz. Steaks @ $36.50 ea.
  • (6) 16oz. Steaks @ $36.50 ea.
  • (4) 16oz. Steaks @ $42.00 ea.
  • (6) 20oz. Steaks @ $39.84 ea.
  • (4) 20oz. Steaks @ $45.00 ea.
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Carved from the center of the Prime Rib Roast, these magnificent steaks will amaze you. Just the right amount of marbling to give you a juicy, flavorful steak that's second to none. You'll get just the right amount of tenderness combined with the mellow flavor of Prime Rib Beef. Bone-in for even more flavor!

Cooking directions

Preparation: Thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

Grilling: Using a medium hot grill, cook steaks about 3 min per side then rotate. Repeat this process as needed until desired level of doneness is achieved. Test steaks next to bone.

Baking: Bake at 375 F in a shallow baking pan for 15 minutes, turn and bake another 10 minutes for med rare, 15 minutes for med, or 20 min for well.

Nutritional information

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