Black Brand Steaks Chopped Sirloin

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  • (10) 1lb. Pkgs. @ $13.90 ea.
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Ideal for a moment's notice when you need that pound of ground beef for your favorite recipe. Individual 1lb. packages of 80/20 lean Chopped Sirloin. Great for meatloaf, tacos, meatballs, or any recipe that calls for the finest ground steak money can buy. You'll love the convenience of having exactly what you need when you need it with nothing left to refreeze. The perfect gift for the busy mom!

Cooking directions

Use in recipes as you would ground beef. 1 lb will yield 10% to 15% more than regular ground beef to due to its leanness. Virtually no grease to drain!

NOTE: It is a Federal law that all restaurants must cook any ground meat product to well done. We suggest you follow the same guidelines

Nutritional information

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